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Whether you’re crafting a brand-new residence, revamping your current home, or extending your living space, we possess the design acumen to bring your exquisite vision to life. We commence our partnership by comprehending your precise needs and aspirations. Subsequently, we progress from preliminary concepts to detailed, permit-ready plans. With the assistance of advanced 3D technology, we offer cutting-edge design services, empowering you to envision your completed project with crystal clarity.

New Home Design

Everstead new home design services are perfect for clients looking to build a new home. Whether you have well-developed ideas or are just starting to think about building a new home, we are here to help design and create plans.


Improve or grow your current home. When designing a home addition or renovation project, we consider the impact on the existing structure, the blending of new and existing finishes, and of course, the use and appearance of the final space.

Comfortable Aging

Considerate design enables individuals to relish their homes for countless years. Everstead’s team will consult with you to understand your requirements and adapt plans to match your lifestyle, assuring you can enjoy your home for many fruitful years to come.

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