A structural inspection is the review of a home or building with a focus on the elements related to the foundation, framing, and overall structural condition.

If you are purchasing a new home or if you are in need of repairs on your current home, a structural home inspection can help you make informed decisions. Potential or active problems can be identified in your home’s structure which we document in a detailed report. Most importantly, we provide an objective opinion on the state of your home.

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Video Inspection

Our residential structural engineers can provide expert verbal consultations to help answer your questions about issues with your home using video conferencing on your phone, tablet, or computer.

$149 for up to 30-minutes of consultation with a Licensed Professional Engineer.
25% discount off on-site structural home inspection if it is required after video assessment.

Available Over Video

NOT Available Over Video

Load-Bearing Wall Evaluation Documentation and Certification
Termite Damage Severity Floor Slope or Settling
Hairline Foundation Cracks Large Foundation Cracks

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Available Over Video

Load-Bearing Wall Evaluation
Termite Damage Severity
Hairline Foundation Cracks

NOT Available Over Video

Documentation and Letters
Floor Slope or Settling
Large Foundation Cracks

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Structural Inspection FAQ’s

When the engineer arrives, you’ll direct them to the areas of concern in your home. Depending on the type of problem and the severity, the engineer might take some measurements and photos. They will then go over their findings and recommendations. If you need a report of their findings, the engineer will provide that document in a few days.

Excluding cosmetics, inspectors look at everything that would indicate structural issues the home. This includes unlevel floors, noticeable cracks in walls, a sagging roof, damage to foundation walls, and more.

Your report will contain notes and summaries of our findings which will be essential in determining your next steps for your home. Additionally, an inspection is not a pass/fail evaluation, but rather a list of potential issues or necessary repairs.

Structural inspections are generally not required for loan or purchase approval, however it is recommended to get one. Forgoing an inspection means risking thousands of dollars in repairs that could have been prevented.

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