The objective of a structural evaluation is to analyze the crucial elements of a property, including its foundation, framing, and overall structural health.

Whether you’re purchasing a new property or planning repairs on your current home, a thorough structural assessment empowers you to make informed choices. We identify potential or existing issues with your property’s structure, documenting our findings in a comprehensive report and offering unbiased professional insights into the property’s condition.

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Virtual Consultations

Our residential structural engineers are equipped to provide expert verbal consultations to clarify your concerns about your home facilitated through video conferencing on your preferred device.

Just $149 for a 30-minute consultation with a Licensed Professional Engineer.

Get a 25% discount on an on-site structural home inspection if further examination is needed after the video assessment.

Available Over Video

NOT Available Over Video

Load-Bearing Wall Evaluation Documentation and Certification
Termite Damage Severity Floor Slope or Settling
Hairline Foundation Cracks Large Foundation Cracks


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Available Over Video

Load-Bearing Wall Evaluation
Termite Damage Severity
Hairline Foundation Cracks

NOT Available Over Video

Documentation and Letters
Floor Slope or Settling
Large Foundation Cracks

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Structural Inspection FAQ’s

Upon our engineer’s arrival, you’ll guide them to the areas in your home needing attention. Depending on the issue’s nature and severity, they might take certain measurements and photographs. They will subsequently review their discoveries and suggestions with you. If a detailed report is required, rest assured our engineer will deliver it promptly.

We look beyond superficial aesthetics, focusing on potential structural problems within your home. Our inspection includes everything from uneven floors, visible wall cracks, and sagging roofs to foundation wall damage and more.

Your report will encapsulate crucial observations and summaries, providing an essential guide to your home’s next steps. Remember, our inspection is not a pass/fail grading system but a helpful tool to identify potential issues or necessary repairs.

Though not typically required for loan approvals or property purchases, it’s highly advisable to have a structural inspection. Skipping this step may risk unexpected repair costs running into thousands of dollars.

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