Designing a new home can be exhilarating yet overwhelming. Teaming up with professionals like us at Everstead can make this journey more manageable. No matter if your ideas are fully formed or just starting to blossom, our team will collaborate with you to turn your dream home into reality. With our designers handling your project directly, we maintain a clear timeline and help establish reliable budgets.

We use advanced 3D technology at Everstead to help you, your builder, and your HOA visualize the final look of your new home and communicate your precise needs. Once the planning phase concludes, we ensure the plans are ready for permit approval and have our Professional Residential Engineer’s stamp. Everstead also provides the structural engineering details necessary for a smooth approval and construction process.

New Home Design Process

Our initial interaction with you is centered around understanding your vision and expectations. During this session, we examine the specific plot of land, location, and other construction site conditions. This is our opportunity to grasp the essence of the project and how we can assist you in realizing your dream home.

Subsequently, our design team crafts a blueprint that mirrors your ideas and aligns with your family’s lifestyle.

Our design team showcases the preliminary 3D plans to you, welcoming your insights for any revisions or tweaks to the layout.

Our engineers collaborate with our designers throughout the planning stage to address any structural issues. After securing your approval for the design, we embark on the comprehensive engineering process for your home.

Finally, we authenticate and deliver your final plans. Once you’ve reviewed and endorsed the design, the plans are officially stamped and ready for permit acquisition.

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