Designing a new home is exciting and overwhelming. Working with a professional team can help streamline the whole process. Whether you have a fully developed concept or a simple vision of what you want, our team will work with you to design your dream home. By working directly with a designer your project is managed step by step, with a clear timeline, which helps you be in control of the project and create predictable budgets.

Everstead utilizes the latest 3D technology to help you, your contractor, and your HOA visualize your new home and fully communicate exactly what you want. Once the planning process is complete, we will ensure the drawings are permit ready and stamped by our Professional Residential Engineer. Everstead also supplies structural engineering data to help expedite the approval and construction process.

New Home Design Process

Our first meeting with you will be to discuss your ideas and concepts. Additionally, we will review the location, specific plot of land, and overall building site requirements. Now is the time to get a feel for the overall project and how we can help you build your dream home.

Next, our designers create a plan based on your ideas and your family lifestyle.

Our designers present the initial plans to you in 3D and with your input, make any revisions and modifications to the plans.
Our engineering team works with our designers throughout the planning process to solve structural concerns. Once you approve the design, we begin the work to fully engineer your home.

Lastly, we sign off on and present you with your final plans. After you review and sign off on the design, the plans then are stamped and ready for permit.

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