Engineering Services

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At Everstead, we prioritize your home or project’s safety and quality, giving you peace of mind. Our accomplished structural engineers guide you through planning, permits, and consultations, ensuring your existing homes or construction projects succeed. We partner with homeowners, contractors, and realtors, providing personalized attention to your unique needs. Begin your journey with us today!

Home Assessments

Are you buying a new home or need repairs on your current one? Our comprehensive inspections and troubleshooting services, covering foundations to rooftops and fireplaces, provide security and maximize your property’s value.

Building Solutions

Experience our expertise from soil to structure. We offer a broad range of contractor services to navigate complex challenges. Faced with a failed permit inspection? We devise smart solutions to keep your project progressing smoothly.

Plans and Approvals

Engaging in major construction remodels or renovations often mean dealing with permits. At Everstead, we streamline this process, crafting detailed plans and construction documents necessary to secure these permits, saving you time and hassle.

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