At Everstead, we are not just consultants but your partners, aiding every phase of the construction process, from material specification consultancy to timely city-required inspections, and addressing structural conundrums. Our specialty is residential construction, where our engineers design practical solutions to keep your projects progressing smoothly. Reach out to us for assistance on your professional construction projects.

Prompt Inspections and Structural Assessments

From soil analysis, and foundation evaluations to framing inspections, our expertise spans a broad spectrum of services. We often provide same-day services because we understand the importance of adhering to your project timeline.

In the event of permit inspection failures, we swiftly devise strategies to get your project back on track. Count on us for urgent permit inspections when required. We are available to perform short-notice permit inspections as needed.

Comprehensive Structural Plan Services

Everstead serves as your all-inclusive engineering solution, providing a suite of services to transform your ideas into professional, engineer-stamped drawing sets ready for permitting. We undertake projects of all magnitudes, whether it’s a simple wall removal or engineering a brand-new home. Additionally, we furnish plans inclusive of 3D drawings, enabling you to showcase the envisioned completed project to potential clients, city planners, homeowner associations, and investors.

Request a Free Consultation

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