Everstead is committed to serving clients who want to take control of their living environments by collaborating with our designers to create a beautiful space that is functional for your specific needs.

Lifetime Home Design Services

We are dedicated to designing and engineering homes that can stand the test of time. Our team of professionals will engage with you to comprehend your situation and formulate plans that equip you for lifelong residence in your home. We apply universal design principles, which cater to spacious kitchens, wider corridors, broad doorways, barrier-free showers, and large bathrooms, thus allowing individuals of all ages to live and effortlessly navigate within their homes. We customize a solution that suits you best, enabling you to continue relishing your lifestyle and ensuring you can maintain the home you cherish.

Aging in Place FAQ:

There may come a stage in your life where you wish to continue residing in your home for an extended period. The Aging in Place design strategy targets common barriers, empowering you to live safely and independently in your own environment.

This design philosophy is suitable for individuals who want to continue living in their homes, have good physical health, and wish to be ready for potential future health issues. It’s also appropriate for those currently confronting health problems.

Universal Design Principles are relevant to individuals of all age groups. These principles guide us in designing homes that offer ample space for smooth functioning without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Such design elements might include a spacious kitchen layout that enables cooperative work or wider hallways that allow for easy passage.

Everyone could benefit from incorporating universal design into their homes. We implement these principles into every project. At times, we may only apply them to a Master Suite, but at other times, homeowners request their application across the entire house.

There’s never a premature moment to envision your future and integrate spacious, practical design into your living space.

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