Considering structural modifications to your home? Our residential structural engineering team offers the expert guidance necessary to ensure your construction project is compliant with codes and regulations and that the final design is aesthetically pleasing. Everstead offers a comprehensive engineering solution for your custom home design, offering all the services required to transform your idea into a fully-engineered drawing set, stamped by a professional engineer and ready for permit issuance.

Securing Permits

In the majority of states, an engineer’s stamp is required to obtain a building permit. Don’t risk an unexpected visit from city building officials – ensure your plans are certified right from the start. Securing a building permit not only guarantees the safety of future occupants against hazardous conditions but also assures that your project is carried out professionally and correctly. At Everstead, we prepare all necessary plans and construction documents to secure permits in Kansas and Missouri.

Expert-Designed Structural Plans

While home remodeling may appear straightforward (like on TV!) it involves numerous decisions that require an engineer’s expertise. Modifications such as creating open floor plans, removing or shifting load-bearing walls, or adding home extensions can significantly impact your home’s original structure. Everstead engineers specify the correct supports, beams, and other construction details required, and provide the necessary documentation to obtain building permits. Our services ensure the structural integrity of your home and its resale value is preserved. Additionally, we offer design services for renovations and extensions, including 3D modeling.

Requst a Free Consultation

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