Kansas City, Missouri – July 15, 2021 – Residential Engineering Services, LLC (RES), a leading residential engineering and design firm, completed a rebrand in response to local growth and the launch of their Austin branch. As of June 2021, RES has changed the company name to Everstead. Coinciding with the new brand, Everstead has released an updated website ( The rebrand will help establish a unique identity within the engineering and design industry and offers an opportunity for further expansion of the company.

Beyond the change in name and website, Everstead will continue to provide the same outstanding services and quality. The Founder and CEO, Bradley Huxol, will remain as such under the new Everstead name. In addition to continuing to service the Kansas City Metro, Everstead has also opened a new branch in Austin, Texas.

Since 2007, Everstead has been a pillar of quality and innovation in Kansas City, offering impartial engineering solutions and stunning architectural designs. “This rebrand is possible thanks to our clients and business partners that have supported us over the years,” said Everstead CEO, Bradley Huxol. “Rebranding to Everstead marks a step forward for our company and our growth into a new market.”

The new name and logo were created to reflect the core values of the company. Derived from the words “ever” and “homestead”, the name Everstead demonstrates the company’s responsibility to the residential industry and the relationship clients have with their home. “The memories you make in your house will last a lifetime. We will continue to do our part to help you be safe, happy, and thrive in a home you love.”

About Everstead

Everstead is an engineering and design firm that provides a wide variety of services for the residential industry. Everstead works with homeowners, realtors, contractors, and builders in the Kansas City Metro and Greater Austin area. From structural engineering and inspections to architectural design, the Everstead team are experts in residential.

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